An employee of this class performs supervision of the electrical work, the assembly, installation, modification, maintenance and repair of electrical systems, equipment and fixtures in accordance with standard practices of the electrical trade and electrical code. Work involves the skilled and safe operation of tools and equipment, and exposure to energized equipment with low to high voltage and other hazardous situations. Work is performed independently or under the general supervision of a Lead Electrician or other Supervisor with inspection upon completion for quality of work.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Electrical construction and maintenance, including installation of all sizes of electrical conduit, cables, wires, switches, devices and automatic starting equipment.
  • Occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions.
  • National Electric Code and relevant City, Building codes
  • Customer relation.

Skills In:

  • The care and use of hand and power tools
  • Locating and adjusting defects in electrical systems and equipment
  • The operation of lifts, backhoe or other heavy equipment necessary to perform various electrical task

Ability to:

  • Follow instructions/directions, both verbal and written.
  • Use graphic instructions such as blueprints, schematic drawings, layouts, or other visual aids.
  • Make mathematical computations.
  • Comprehend and make inferences from written materials.
  • Measure distances with a tape measure or another measuring devise.
  • Express ideas on technical problems clearly and concisely.
  • Work cooperatively with Supervisors, co-workers and the public.
  • Be pleasant and communicative to the client.
  • Communicate orally with customer, or the public in face-to face one-on-one settings, or using a telephone.
  • Work safely by using precautionary work methods and safety equipment designed to prevent electrical mishaps and accidents.

Physical or manual activities
Work may be strenuous at times. Ability to:

  • Distinguish between the full range of colors in the color spectrum to work with electrical wires.
  • Make precise arm-hand positioning movements (i.e., operates an electric hand drill).
  • Lift arms above shoulder level to work in ceiling areas and light fixtures.
  • Stoop and bend to work in small, cramped areas such as ceiling crawl spaces, equipment enclosures,closets, etc.
  • Bend conduit.
  • Climb ladders or steps to reach work areas, including roofs.
  • Work at heights greater than ten feet.
  • Lift and carry objects weighing up to one hundred (100) lbs.
  • Move heavy objects (fifty (50), lbs or more) long distances (twenty (20), feet or more)
  • Shovel earthy material for trenches in repetitious periods of time.
  • Remain in a standing position for extended periods of time.
  • Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to adverse outdoor elements, high voltage and other hazardous or disagreeable conditions.
  • Travel across rough, uneven or rocky surfaces.
  • Have finger dexterity to use mechanical and small hand tools, such as voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters,calibrators and power tools.

Availability and willingness to work and/or take calls on irregular hours, shifts, weekends and holidays if necessary.

Have trade tools including battery power drill upon start.

OSHA 10 and First Aid trained.

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